Our collection of modern sofa sets has been shattering all the design norms in Malaysia with a variety of chic yet comfortable sofa furniture to suavely elevate your living room corner. Every sofa set is designed with hard-wearing fabrics, quality foam cushions, and sturdy frames that come in all sizes. Our well-detailed sofa without compromising comfort will surely let your everyday lounge blissful.

If you’re in dire need of several modern homeware pieces, put V Seng on your priority list. We aim to provide you with the best sofas to adorn your home. Visit our furniture showroom and browse your favorite sofa sets today!

Plush Fabric 2-3 Seater Sofa Y83

Cozy 2 seater and 3 seater sofa featuring an enduring fabric finish with over 10 vibrant colors to choose from. Its snug design incorporates a sense of warmth and a peaceful vibe into your living space that surely eases your stress away.


2 Seater Sofa: W1700 x H960 x D940mm

3 Seater Sofa: W2350 x H960 x D940mm

Fabric 2-3 Seater Sofa ARIA

Experience the flawless blend of homey comfort and modern style with an ARIA 2 seater and 3 seater sofa. With a hard-wearing fabric finish available in over 10 radiant colors, this sofa adds a contemporary touch to any living room.


2 Seater Sofa: W1770 x H880 x D940mm

3 Seater Sofa: W2420 x H880 x D940mm

Genuine Leather 2 Seater L-Shaped Sofa 177

This sleek and stylish 2+L shape sofa is crafted with a luxurious leather finish available in a few popping colors, predominantly shades of gray. An ideal choice for enhancing your living space as a contemporary home necessity.


2 + L Shape Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Leather 2-3 Seater L-Shaped Recliner Sofa Luke

Indulge in ultimate comfort and timeless style with this LUKE 2 seater and 3 seater recliner sofa. Created with a durable leather finish available in several striking colors, primarily shades of gray — we ensure your living area is complete with this classic statement piece.


2 Seater Recliner Sofa (2RR): W1580 x D900 x H980cm

3 Seater Recliner Sofa (3RR): W2080 x D900 x H980cm

Durable Fabric Corner Sofa Carlo

This unique corner sofa is designed to exude a cheerful vibe to your space. Crafted with high-quality fabric in over 10 colors available, adjustable headrest and backrest for personalized comfort, offering a combination of style and versatility.


Corner L Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

PU Leather Single Recliner & 2-3 Seater Sofa 3213

Savor luxurious comfort with a cozy single recliner, 2 seater, and 3 seater sofa. Classically crafted with high-quality materials and exquisite attention to detail, this ensemble offers you the perfect haven to sit or have an evening nap comfortably.


Single Recliner Sofa (1R):
W980 x D890 x H990cm

2 Seater Sofa: W1520 x D890 x H990cm

3 Seater Sofa: W20600 x D890 x H990cm

Velvet Fabric 2 Seater L-Shaped Sofa 525

Our sofa 525 surely gives off an air of sophistication to your living room. With its plush suede upholstery, adjustable headrest with lumbar support, and spacious 2+L shape design, this sofa offers elegance, functionality, and homeliness. 


2 + L Shape Sofa:
W2520 x D1040 x D1700 x H980cm

Textured Fabric 2 Seater L-Shaped Sofa Y96

Elevate your home with sofa Y96 elegant centerpiece. This simple yet suave design is sure to captivate the heart of every guest who visits. With its adjustable headrest, you can enjoy personalized comfort while unwinding with loved ones.


2 + L Shape Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Soft Fabric 2 Seater L-Shaped Sofa 8381

Maximize coziness all year round with this sleek 2+L shape sofa. Its versatile design effortlessly adapts to any living space, while the lavish upholstery, customizable headrest, and ample seating provide the perfect lounging experience.


2 + L Shape Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Suede Fabric 2 Seater L-Shaped Sofa N6636

Sink into pure comfort and embrace the simplicity of this charming suede-finish sofa. Its adjustable backrest allows you to create a deeper seat, perfect for unwinding in complete relaxation. This excellent blend of style and functionality makes it an irresistible addition to your home.


2 + L Shape Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Hardwearing Fabric Corner Sofa Zalago 2

Say goodbye to ordinary and mundane sofa legs with the Zalago 2 sofa. With a wide range of colors to choose from and modifiable backrest for extended seating, its eye-pleasing design is sure to make you fall head over heels in love.


Corner Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Polished Leather 2 Seater L-Shaped Sofa R110

R110 2+L shape sofa offers a spacious and inviting seating arrangement, perfect for stretching out and unwinding. With its built-in recliner seat, you can effortlessly find your ideal position for lounging at home while streaming your favorite Netflix movies.


2 + L Shape Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Durable Fabric Corner Sofa Y93

Exquisite on its own, this corner sofa’s unique feature of separated backrests, capable of being pushed back, allows for individual adjustment and personalized comfort, ensuring everyone finds their own blissful seating position.


Corner Sofa:
W1600 x H1040 x D890mm

Resilient Fabric 2-3 Seater Sofa 6030N

This 2 seater and 3 seater “throne” is exquisitely designed with an adjustable backrest and headrest, allowing you to find your perfect seating position. With this masterpiece that seamlessly combines sophistication and the allure of a true throne, you can experience royalty with no title required.


2 Seater Sofa: W1920 x D1130 x H1080cm

3 Seater Sofa: W2700 x D1130 x H1080cm

Half Thick Leather Single Recliner & 2-3 Seater Sofa 157

With a variety of sofa options including single recliner, a cozy 2 seater, and a spacious 3 seater, this 157 sofa presents a range of options to suit your seating preferences. Whether you desire personal relaxation or a welcoming space for entertaining guests, this versatile sofa ensures your needs are met.


Single Recliner Sofa (1R): W820 x H1040 x D1000mm

2 Seater Sofa: W1440 x H1040 x D1000mm

3 Seater Sofa: W1960 x H1040 x D1000mm

Soft Fabric 1-3 Seater Recliner Sofa 5010

This suede allure of the Annex recliner sofa captures attention from a distance. Whether you opt for a single seater or indulge in the ample space of a 3 seater sofa, each variant embraces the comfort of reclining luxury. Undoubtedly a choice to stay comfy while exuding style.


Single Recliner Sofa (1R): W1030 x H1010 x D900mm

2 Seater Recliner Sofa (2RR): W1610 x H1040 x D900mm

3 Seater Recliner Sofa (3RR): W2150 x H1010 x D900mm

Velvety Fabric 2-3 Seater Sofa Y91

Transform your home into an impressively spacious haven with this 2 seater or 3 seater sofa nestled in the small corner of your home. With its intelligent design, this sofa enables you to create a grand ambiance while maximizing every inch of your living space.


2 Seater Sofa: W2040 x D1290 x H930cm

3 Seater Sofa: W2770 x D1290 x H930cm

Half Thick Leather 2-3 Seater Sofa 190

If you’re looking for a seating option that combines simplicity with practicality, this 190 Kenitti is the ideal solution for your sofa dilemma. This sofa effortlessly creates an inviting and harmonious seating area in your home.


2 Seater Sofa: W1550 x D850 x H1040cm

3 Seater Sofa: W2140 x D850 x H1040cm

PU Leather 2-3 Seater Sofa 179

This classic design exudes an aura of timeless charm, while the modifiable headrest ensures personalized comfort. An ideal choice for those seeking a relaxed home decor style, complemented by both the 2 seater and 3 seater sofa options.


Single Seater Sofa: W1170 x D970 x H1070mm

2 Seater Sofa: W1820 x D970 x H1070mm

3 Seater Sofa: W2480 x D970 x H1070mm

Fabric Single Ottoman Sofa Firman

Experience the flexibility with this Firman modular sofa set, designed to create a truly personalized living room. This versatile sofa set, when paired with an ottoman, perfectly complements your home’s seating arrangement, effortlessly adapting to your living space.


Modular Sofa Set (1 + 1 + 1 + Ottoman): D980 x W470mm

Single Modular Sofa: W1040mm (w/o arm)

Single Modular Sofa: W1200mm (w/ arm)

PU Leather 1-3 Seater Sofa 177

From leisurely Sunday afternoons to exciting family gatherings, this sofa set simply creates cherished moments into treasured memories. With its single, 2 seater and 3 seater sofa options, this irresistible selection creates an inviting haven of relaxation and togetherness.


Single Seater Sofa: W1000 x D900 x H970cm

2 Seater Sofa: W1530 x D900 x H970cm

3 Seater Sofa: W2050 x D900 x H970cm

Breathable Fabric 2-3 Seater Sofa 9568

All you need is this snugly 9568 sofa to evolve your living space into a sanctuary of harmony and joy. From relaxed evening lounges to heartfelt conversations, this enchanting sofa sets the stage for life’s meaningful encounters.


2 Seater Sofa: W1520 x D1030 x H1000cm

3 Seater Sofa: W2100 x D1030 x H1000cm

Sturdy Leather 2-3 Seater Sofa 88

Indulge in pure bliss, featuring a single recliner, a comfortable 2 seater and a spacious 3 seater sofa. From moments of peaceful relaxation in front of the TV to unforgettable shared laughter with your loved ones, this sofa is designed to transform your living room into a haven of precious memories. 


Single Recliner Sofa (1R): W1050 x D910 x H1010cm

2 Seater Sofa: W1660 x D910 x H1010cm

3 Seater Sofa: W2190 x D910 x H1010cm

Upgrade Your Home with Our Modern Sofa Furniture Sets in Malaysia

Our collection of modern sofa sets at V Seng goes beyond comfort with a variety of chic and suave styles that are guaranteed to elevate your living space. As the best furniture shop in Malaysia, we remove the element of cliche with sofa set designs that are shattering the norms. Designed with hard-wearing fabrics, quality form cushions and sturdy frames that come in all sizes, rest assured you are about to experience bliss in your everyday lounge. Make a statement in your living space with our stylish modern sofa sets today at V Seng Furniture!

Explore The Latest Trends in Modern Sofa Furniture Sets in Malaysia

Adorn your home with the trendiest, modern sofa set in Malaysia. Understanding that the living room is an essential space that keeps the home vibrant, our sofa furniture sets give a refreshing look making your home a personal retreat space that you never want to get away from. So, if you’re in dire need of several modern homeware pieces, put V Seng Furniture on your priority list and set a blazing, comfortable look that reflects your personality Visit our furniture showroom and browse your favorite sofa sets in Malaysia today!

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